About More than Media

Meet Jennifer Brantley- Principal & CEO

Jennifer Brantley started her public relations career in Atlanta, GA – the Ledlie Group, in Atlanta, Georgia. She worked with the Georgia Lottery, Archdiocese of Atlanta, Hotel Chocolat and a plethora of capital management and law firms. That was in 2008.

A stint in law school, more than eight years of practice and a period of time serving as the Public Information Officer for Nebraska DHHA and later for a law enforcement agency proved she’d never wander far from her first love – using words to help others find their voice and tell their REAL stories, in order to better connect them to the communities they serve.  

It’s a skill she’s honed, and her legal background lends a unique perspective to her approach. From increasing community engagement on social media, to creating compelling Web copy, speeches, workshops and providing stellar media training, her strategic communications and public relations skills are lauded.

She has helped entities bolster relationships and partnerships with their communities and the media, increase their social media followers and engagement, leverage their brands and launch products, events and projects of various sizes.

Her legal and communications background, coupled with a penchant for innovation and creativity lend a unique perspective that’s unmatched – and she’s used that experience to build a company with similarly exceptional qualifications. 

We help public safety agencies tap into transparency, the large business cultivate an authentic, down-home persona and, for individuals and small businesses, we help the talented shine.

Jennifer Brantley

History of More Than Media

MTM was (officially) formed after yet another military move required Ms. Brantley, a military spouse, to relinquish her position as Public Information Officer. In just a matter of months, she’d become the voice of the department and, in an effort to keep the momentum going, her former employer signed on as her very first client. The rest is history. 

At MTM Public Relations, our clients always come first. That may be why our Public Relations Agency is an industry leader – or it could be due to the hard work we put into helping each and every one of our business partners reach their goals.

Military-spouse owned, we have a soft spot for public servants and the agencies that employ them. We are simultaneously staunch advocates of diversity and inclusion and supporters of our communities. We believe there is unity in community, and it is this dual investment that uniquely positions us to create bridges that successfully span seemingly impossible communication gaps, and foster trust in even the most tenuous situations. 

We also have a passion for helping woman-owned businesses and entrepreneurs scale and find their place in the very spaces that have overlooked them (and seem oversaturated with mediocrity). 
No matter the client, though, we’re passionate and thoughtful storytellers who put our knowledge and experience to the test with every project we undertake.