Case Study

Case Study Summary: 600% Engagement Increase in Six (6) Months for the Fairfield Police Department

Client: Fairfield Police Department


Fairfield Police Department sought to improve its social media presence, increase community engagement, and enhance transparency in its operations. They needed a partner to manage their social media accounts effectively and humanize their staff to build stronger community relationships.


More than Media was hired to manage Fairfield Police Department’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Our approach focused on increasing online engagement, growing the follower count, and creating transparency through authentic content that humanized the police officers, dispatchers, and staff.


1. Social Media Management:

  • We developed a comprehensive social media strategy tailored to the Fairfield Police Department’s goals.
  • Our team managed and curated engaging content, ensuring a consistent presence across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • We responded promptly to comments, messages, and inquiries, establishing an open line of communication with the community.

2. Humanizing the Staff:

  • We showcased the human side of the police officers, dispatchers, and staff through behind-the-scenes content, officer spotlights, and community involvement posts.
  • By sharing stories and experiences, we aimed to foster empathy and understanding between law enforcement and the community.

3. Transparency and Information Sharing:

  • We improved transparency by admitting mistakes, providing information and data, and addressing community concerns openly.
  • Our team shared updates on ongoing initiatives, crime prevention tips, and relevant community news, keeping the community informed.


Within six months of More than Media taking over Fairfield Police Department’s social media accounts, the following significant outcomes were observed:

1. Increased Social Media Engagement:

  • Online social media engagement increased by 200 percent, indicating a substantial rise in interactions, comments, and shares.
  • Users from nearby cities started following the department’s social media accounts, contributing to a broader reach and community impact.

2. Improved Public Perception and Humanization:

  • Community members left comments expressing appreciation and advocating for the social media person, acknowledging the increased transparency and improved view of the department’s work.
  • The humanization efforts successfully showcased the dedication and commitment of the police officers, dispatchers, and staff, fostering a positive image within the community.

3. Enhanced Crime Reporting and Tip Sharing:

  • The increased transparency and authenticity generated more trust among community members.
  • As a result, the community became more inclined to file reports, call in tips, and even share tips on social media posts, aiding crime prevention efforts.


Through strategic social media management, humanizing the staff, and promoting transparency, More than Media successfully transformed Fairfield Police Department’s social media presence. The increased engagement, growth in followers, and improved public perception demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach. By creating an open and relatable digital platform, we enabled stronger community relationships and a heightened sense of trust between law enforcement and the residents of Fairfield.